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We are North America’s leading manufacturer of LED fixtures to the commercial, industrial, and residential markets, specializing in LED solutions to Grocery and Retail industries.

At Fudakin™ LED, we strive to work with you, our customers, we embrace each unique need and recommend lighting solutions that respond to your particular needs. Our goal is to support our customers and to promote efficiency with our line selection of economic and energy-saving lighting solutions.

We believe it is a great advantage to be positioned as a young, dynamic manufacturer in this ever-evolving product segment. During these relatively early days in the fast paced world of LED lighting, we think it's very important to be heavily focused on the needs of today, while never losing sight of where the industry is going in the future. By focusing on Innovation, Quality, R&D, Dependability and Customer Service we believe we can provide unparalleled value to our customers and the industry's best lighting solutions.

Our Strenght

Why Fudakin™ LED LImited?


We are committed to ensuring we are able to provide the highest quality products to our customers.


We take great pride in our ability to be an industry leader in the development of customized lighting solutions to meet any challenge, in addition to our broad range of traditional LED products.

Research & Development

We invest a great deal in our Research and Development group to ensure we are constantly on the leading edge of the industry and that we stay ahead of the changing needs in the marketplace. We believe this to be a responsibility we have to our industry partners and customers.


We go to great lengths to ensure that our beautifully designed lighting solutions are both technically and structurally sound, delivering the most dependable products on the market. To reinforce that commitment we offer one of the best warranty programs of any manufacturer in the industry.

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Our LED Products

Fudakin™ Hi-Spectrum LED Tubes

Hi-Spectrum Plus LED ballast compatible tubes are the ultimate lighting compliment to refrigerated seafood, deli, meat display cases and produce bins. Originally designed as a perfect replacement for traditional fluorescent lighting, Hi-Spectrum provides a uniformed and consistent light quality across the entire display case.

Fudakin™ LED T8 and T5 Tubes

Fudakin™'s ballast compatible T8 and T5 LED tubes were designed to quickly and efficiently replace wasteful fluorescent lamps. With superior high efficiently, customers can enjoy years of economical, worry free illumination. Installation is safe and easy.

Fudakin™ Mini Wall Pack

The Fudakin™ Mini wall pack is a perfect source of light for a wide variety of applications. Its compact design provides maximum versatility and makes it the perfect Wall Pack for a broad range of commercial applications where space and installation conditions pose a challenge. Their award winning design features will enhance the look of your facility while providing you with the industry's best lighting solution.

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